In the opinion of the Pope
only believing
will fill you with hope,
so you wont’t need
any dope to succeed..

But one fine evening
in freshly green spring
someone told me: „My friend,
you’d better directly ring
up the phone of the King,
to bring MP to an end.

For which reason
should one believe
in the words of the Pope,
as he’d never had taken no dope.“

I didn’t feel old,
so I did as been told.

„Well done“, the King talked to me,

„My gifts were not in vain
as you used your smart brain,
and called directly to me.

I’ll send to you some THC,
to make you feel
like dancing in warm summer rain
and wash MP down the drain.

When I was back,
I met my friend Jack.

„As you gave good advice,
let’s taste some fresh cherry ice
cream, that will be nice.“
He smiled from bright eyes.

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